Learn how to optimize cashflow for your international business
Cashflow optimization in international sale

Cashflow optimization in international sale (3)

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Every business should prepare and submit financial – tax statements to government agencies in the operating country regardless of its incorporation destination. Therefore, companies setting up in other countries such as Hongkong (China), Singapore, Offshore (BVI/ Seychelles/ Belize), etc., must understand the requirements financial statement of the incorporation country to fulfill all the business obligations.

However, for foreign companies operating with the business model of drop shipping – online transaction via PayPal, is it really necessary to prepare a financial statement to submit to the administrative agency of PayPal?

In this article, let Global Link Asia Consulting debunk all your above questions.

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All experienced PayPal Merchants are familiar with having PayPal accounts locked, limited for 21 days, 180 days, or being requested to verify their accounts. Although account limitations are common, not every Merchant knows which rules of PayPal they have violated.

In this article, Global Link Asia Consulting will share the rules that are most commonly violated by businesses when using PayPal, and some strategies to avoid them.

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Trademark is a familiar term for all business activities in general and for online trading, dropshipping in particular. All platforms or services supporting e-commerce such as eBay, Amazon, PayPal, etc. have strict regulations related to Trademark.

In fact, it is found that Trademark-related violations are one of the common violations of Merchants. Therefore, in this article, Global Link Asia Consulting shall focus on analyzing Trademark in the e-commerce and violations that are most commonly committed by the Merchants.

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