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Open a PayPal Business account for companies in Singapore

Open a PayPal Business account for companies in Singapore (2)

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Having a strong PayPal Business account is important for any international business, especially when the online e-commerce industry is growing rapidly.

To help Merchants to calculate business expenses, in this article, Global Link Asia Consulting will give detailed information on the fees of a Singapore PayPal Business account. This will also help businesses to optimize international cash flow.

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Since its inception, PayPal has become an important enabler for the e-commerce industry, not only for major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay but also other popular platforms such as Shopify, Woocomerce, Shopbase, etc. PayPal's safety, security, and consumer and merchant protection policies have earned the trust of both the buyer and seller ecosystems across online shopping platforms.

PayPal offers two different account types with various features depending on the intended use, including: PayPal for individuals (Personal) and PayPal for businesses (Business). Each account type has different features and limitations.

In this article, Global Link Asia Consulting lists down the similarities and differences of PayPal account types. We will help businesses gain more knowledge to choose the right account type and optimize your method of transfering and receiving money when doing international business.

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